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Mojos can be classified into two large families according to the ingredients used: green mojo and red mojo. The most common green mojo, which is most used for fish, is prepared with green peppers, coriander and parsley. Green mojo can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator, but the presence of water in coriander and parsley means that in the case of storage in a normal environment, it must be consumed within a few days of its preparation.

The most common red mojo consists of spices, garlic and peppers. They usually make a side dish to meat dishes and, of course, to traditional Canarian potatoes. Thanks to the low water content, it can be stored longer outside the refrigerator. However, if you use tomatoes, they must be stored in the refrigerator.

Mojo rojo picante has a garlic-spicy taste. The right mojo rojo sauce has the consistency of thinner ketchup.

Today’s recipe will be prepared together with a chef from the Association of Chefs, Confectioners and Bakers of Gran Canaria.

Mojo rojo picante

What we will need:

  • cumin (2 teaspoons)
  • garlic (1 larger header)
  • red pepper (1 pc)
  • chili pepper (1/2)
  • ground pungent red pepper (1 teaspoon)
  • sea salt (2-3 tablespoons)
  • vinegar (1/2 dcl)
  • olive oil (3-4 dcl)
  • water (1/2 dcl)
  • mortar, ideal wooden (1 pc)

Don’t ask me about the quantities if you need to adhere to them, because you will get the same answer I got when I asked about the quantities: “You give as much as you like”. The amounts I stated are according to what I saw during the preparation.

Mojo rojo picante

We will be the first to put cumin in the mortar. We’ll crush it properly. Do not use crushed cumin. When crushed, oils and aromatic substances are released from it, which give me the right taste.

Mojo rojo picante

When the cumin is crushed, add thinly chopped chili pepper with kernels and ground pepper. We make it into a slurry.

Mojo rojo picante

Add finely chopped red pepper to this slurry. We continue crushing.

Mojo rojo picante

Add salt to the mixed mixture.

Mojo rojo picante

Add crushed garlic. Correctly, garlic should only be crushed with a flat knife.

Mojo rojo picante

If you find the mixture very thick and it is difficult to work with it, you can add a little water.

Mojo rojo picante

When the mixture has a pasty consistency, add vinegar and, after mixing, gradually stir in the olive oil.

Mojo rojo picante

The resulting sauce should look something like this.

Mojo rojo picante

Bon appetite.

Mojo rojo picante

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