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The information not only concerns the Canary Islands, but also the history of the Kingdom of Spain, of which the Canary Islands are part. On this page, the events are arranged chronologically by year. Click on a date to learn more about the event. If you are interested in what happened every day of the month, regardless of the years, choose a specific month from the menu.

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Coronation of Queen Isabel I of Castile
Coronation of Queen Isabel I of Castile

December 13 – Coronation of Isabel I of Castile

December 11 – Wedding of King Fernando VII. Spanish

December 20 – birth of her daughter Elizabeth II. Spanish, Maria (La Chata.)

February 2 – Assassination of Queen Elizabeth II. Spain

July 21 – Birth of Maria Kristina of Habsburg-Lorraine
Wedding of King Alfonso XII.Wedding of King Alfonso XII.

January 23 – Wedding of King Alfonso XII of Spain.

November 29 – The second wedding of King Alfonso XII of Spain.

April 2 – Wedding of the Spanish Infanta María de la Paz de Borbón

February 28 – Death of King Alfonso XIII.

December 6 – Referendum on the Spanish Constitution, Constitution Day – a public holiday

January 8 – Death of María del Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz

Maria del Pilar
Maria del Pilar

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